Weekly Submission

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Week 6 Submission Form


Check Email

  • Check your email weekly for an email from 45daychurchchallenge@agapefitt.org
  • The recommendation: check email on Sunday and Friday



  • Attend weekly fitness class
  • Attend a workshop
  • Participant in weekly mini activity challenges
  • Track your activities for the week


Submit Results

  • On Friday, you will receive an email with a link to your weekly submission form for your goal achievements and weekly activities.
  • Submit it from the email address you entered on the challenge registration form and write only your first and last name to ensure you receive proper credit. 
  • Only one submission per week is recorded*
  • Submissions past the deadline are not accepted
  • Deadline: Monday @ 11:59pm

*If multiple submission occur, only the first is recorded

For any questions, please contact the 2020 Reset: 45 Day Church Challenge Team at