FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When does the Challenge start? The 45 Day Church Challenge will run August 2nd – September 15th. Participation is only valid during this time.

Can I change my selections after I submit my weekly activity submission form? No changes can be made once the form is submitted.

What happens if I submit multiple weekly activity submission forms? Only the first submission will be recorded.

Do you need to be a church member to participate in the team challenge?  Anyone can form a team; however, for a team to qualify for team level prizes, at least (1) person must be a member of Agape Family Worship Center or Abundant Life Family Worship Church .

Are there winners?
Yes, there will be individual winners (1st, 2nd, & 3rd place) and team winners (1st, 2nd, & 3rd place).  There will also be 1 grand prize winner for each of the health metrics based on greatest improvement (end of challenge vs. beginning of challenges).  Last, there will be 2 prize categories for the church level.

I am not fit or active, can I still participate? Yes, the challenge is created for all fitness levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced).

Am I responsible for tracking the score and weekly activities? You will be responsible for tracking & submitting your weekly results with a link provided to you in an email.

Is there a deadline when my results should be submitted by?  You will be able to record your results between Friday and Monday of each week.

If I forget to submit one week, will I be allowed to submit them the following week?  We will not be collecting retroactive (after submission due date) results.

Do I have to do the mini activity challenges?

No, the mini activity challenges are optional. They provide ways for you to “level up” and earn additional points to help you compete for prizes are the end of the challenge. 

Now that the challenge has started, what should I be doing daily?

Each person should be challenging themselves in each of the three key areas (Spirit, Soul and Body) during the 45 Day Church Challenge.  Daily you should focus on achieving the goals that you set for yourself when you registered for the challenge.  For more information on different types of activities, please refer to the home page and check activities under Spirit, Soul, and Body.

Do I need to register for the workshops and fitness classes in advance?

No, registration is not required, so it was disabled from Zoom for this challenge. Attendees can easily join via the Zoom link on the day of the workshop or fitness class, which is found on the challenge website Events page

For any questions, please contact the 2020 Reset: 45 Day Church Challenge Team at