Challenge Details


  • 45 Day Period: July 18 – August 31
  • Focused on holistic transformation – Spirit, Soul and Body
  • Activity results are submitted weekly (Spirit, Soul & Body)
  • Special programs will be offered throughout the challenge period:
    • Weekly Virtual Fitness Classes (every Saturday)
    • Virtual Health & Wellness Workshops
    • Weekly Mini Activity Challenges
    • Wellness Celebration & Award Ceremony – September 11th, 2021

What’s New in 2021?

  • NEW website –
  • NEW Challenge Portal
    • One-stop for everything you need to register and participate in the challenge
    • User-friendly, on-line tool that automatically tracks all of your activities during the challenge
    • Easy-to-use and available 24/7 for you to access
  • New Virtual Fitness Classes
  • New Virtual Workshop Topics – 3 workshops across the 45 days
  • NEW Mini Activity Challenges each week
  • Bonus Team Points – Not only do you get bonus points for each team member, but YOU get an additional 15 points for you being on the team as well
  • NEW Wellness Experience as part of the End-of-Challenge Celebration and Awards Ceremony.

Participation Rules

  • Participant must log into their member portal to attend fitness classes and workshops.
  • Participant will have to submit their results weekly via member portal by the deadline. Submission of weekly results will not be retroactive.
  • Participants may submit only one weekly results form per week.
  • Each participant must be at least 13 years old.
  • Participation in all 3 categories is required and each participant should pick the appropriate level in each category that challenges them. (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced)
  • Each participant will be encouraged to provide the following data to help assess the impact of the program and for holistic results. Individual Information will be kept confidential.
    • Overall health & wellness score
    • Weight
    • Waist Circumference
    • Blood pressure
    • Fasting blood sugar
  • There will be no entry into the challenge after the registration deadline.

For registration and team instructions, please select the links below.

How to Register?

How to Create a Team?


  • Each participant will be encouraged to identify a partner(s) in the wellness challenge to further boost commitment and results. Note: Bonus points will be provided – See Points & Prizing page for more details
  • Each team member must register and submit their weekly results separately*

*The results are self-reported by the participant, but we reserve the right to confirm all numbers / results with screenshots from fitness device (data origination).