Challenge Activities

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Weekly Submission

01. Check Email

  • Check your email weekly for an email from
  • Recommendation: Check Email on Sundays
    (Check Spam/Junk folder if the email is missing)

02. Engage

  • Attend weekly fitness class by first logging into member portal
  • Attend a workshop by first logging into the member portal
  • Participant in weekly Mini Activity Challenges
  • Track your activities for week
  • How to Attend Fitness Class and Workshops

03. Submit Result

  • Starting Friday, you can go to the member portal and submit your weekly submission for your goal achievement and weekly activities
  • Deadline: Monday @ 11:59pm
  • Submissions past the deadline are not accepted
  • How to submit weekly results

Mini Challenge

SECRET Word (10 pts)

Attend the virtual Wednesday WORD explosion on Aug. 25, 2021, at 7:30 pm and listen for the secret word/phrase that Pastor will announce.

He will say “The word/phrase for the 45 Day Challenge is…

To submit for points the following 2 elements MUST be included:

1. Submit the secret word/phrase Pastor stated.

2. What time did he say the word/phrase?

Shot of a group of young people doing lunges together during their workout in a gym

Fitness Class

Please click below to join the class:

This 60-minute event is a mix of your favorite instructors and fitness classes.: Stong HIIT with Charles, Bootcamp with John, and Balance and Flexibility Michelle. It will be a time you won’t want to miss and a way to end the challenge strong.


There is no workshop this week.